Roadrz Overview

Roadrz Oilfield Dispatch and Logistics: A cloud-based application for midstream operations that allows lease operators, truckers, dispatchers, energy groups, marketers, and anyone else involved in crudeoil to have a clear view of the entire crude transport life-cycle.

Our easy-to-use oilfield dispatching software builds accuracy, accountability, and profitability into every business aspect by providing operation transparency that allows managers and business owners to make crucial business decisions with the best and most recent information available. With Roadrz, midstream oilfield logistics has never been more efficient.

Roadrz Features:


Simple yet powerful; the Roadrz Oilfield Mobile application provides a robust and fast way to manage your loads; keep drivers in sync; make on-the-fly adjustments to driver assignments; and even print physical tickets. Roadrz eTickets are going to revolutionize your fleet!
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Stunningly easy to use, yet filled with rich features; Roadrz oilfield dispatching module gives your dispatch abilites to see everything happening in the field. This transparency allows dispatch to plan ahead, save time, catch errors before they happen, and increase productivity. After using Roadrz Dispatching you'll wonder how you ever did without!
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Driver Logistics and Scheduling

Driver Scheduling and Logistics is built right into Roadrz. A calendar provides a full view of the available workforce. Driver schedules are also linked to dispatching, giving dispatchers an additional factor in their planning.
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GPS Location Tracking

The Roadrz Oilfield Logistics mobile app tracks driver, truck, and trailer locations in the oilfield with fine gps datapoints from the mobile device. Need to know where a truck is? Want the last known location of a trailer? Roadrz shows an up-to-date map of your fleet in real-time.
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Live Data

Stop waiting for load reports, well production, and other crucial midstream data points. With Roadrz you can view live data metrics on demand for your tickets, wells, offloads, and other data sets.
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Roadrz does all the heavy lifting for you. Custom dispatch and production reports can be exported for any data point. Your data is completely accessable and fluid for use however you see fit.
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Client Portals

Roadrz provides client specific logins for companys that wish to view live data for their product. Marketers, Energy Groups, Well Owners, and any other client companies can access live data screens for their assigned tickets, wells, offloads, and more. They can also export data via the reporting module specific to their assigned resources.
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