Roadrz Live Data

Roadrz is built with the latest in data syncronization technology. The speed at which Roadrz can present your data is blazing fast compared to traditional websites and desktop applications. Hosted on industry-leading web servers; Roadrz is fast to deliver, allowing your business decisions to be reinforced by the assurance that you have the most up-to-date information available.

Live Data in Roadrz includes:

  • No need to manually refresh the application. It knows when new data arrives and takes action to show you the latest updates.

  • Data views are compartmentalized in a single window creating logical view groups that just make sense for the tasks you need to accomplish.

  • Dispatching data is automatically sent to the mobile app, and vice versa.

  • Stats and totals are calculated based on the latest information available giving you an accurate viewpoint of your operation.

Dashboard screen