Roadrz eTickets

The Roadrz mobile app gives drivers a simple yet powerful electronic ticket to communicate with clients and dispatch. Drivers can receive dispatch info on the field at load and offload points, and anywhere in between.

Key features of the Roadrz Mobile App include:

  • Automatic App Updates. No hassel or worry about making sure each device has the latest version of the app.

  • Automatic In-Field Netting from tank strap tables.

  • Data validation points help keep drivers from making mistakes. Tank size requirements, level comparisons, date ranges, and other validations help assure that you are receiving accurate info the first time the ticket is submitted.

  • Simple, easy to use interface that allows drivers to quickly complete their load records.

  • No internet connnection? Spotty service? No worries! The app can still process tickets in limited or no connectivity.

  • Automatic data retrieval from dispatch. Drivers don't need to manually request for updated assignments.

  • Night and Dark color modes for 24 hour clarity and safety.

  • Prints physical tickets via supported bluetooth printers.

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